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How was the first week of 2020? Make any changes personally or professionally? For me, the Holidays were about reconnecting with people and strategizing a new approach to my work as a CRE advisor. It’s all about making everything old new again and avoiding cookie-cutter strategies. Given the changes in technology and consumer behaviour, customized service offerings will be the differentiating factor for many of us. And at the top of the agenda? Sharpening the expertise. Knowing that the impact of my work starts with me, I’m gunning for unlimited success in 2020. So, client feedback is vital. Adopting new digital tools for efficiency is a must. Acquiring unique industry knowledge will gain optimal results. Creating new initiatives will inspire. And sharing insights in new and challenging forums will push the boundaries for change. I’m not going to reinvent how I achieved success during the last decade, but I am going to take more of a grassroots approach in this new one… by helping and inspiring clients who: * Need help with making significant changes * Want to sell or lease, with trusted direction * Are growing & need assistance measuring their needs Sharp business acumen and customer-centric techniques. That’s my 2020 Vision.