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Many workers are still in the hybrid work model. Industry stats show most don’t want to return to the office, leaving many work spaces open to rolling tumbleweed. When you’re pounding the pavement in sales, the car office is a whole other beast. For me, great benefits to both.
Working from home:
🔸️Hot lunches
🔸️Mocktails midday
🔸️Sweats & pjs, dress shirt for Zoom
🔸️One-minute commute to the computer.
🔸️Small talk with your neighbour (you typically avoid) ’cause it may be the only interaction you get today.

Working on the road:
▪️Carpool karaoke enroute to a client.
▪️Perfect setting to psyche up.
▪️You see opportunities everywhere.
▪️No one interrupts your flow.
▪️Lots of food/coffee stops.