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WINTER IN CRE: I’ve been in the CRE business for over a decade. My clients have learned a few things from me, but I’ve learned many things from them. I’ve witnessed the success of their businesses & the stresses of maintaining their CRE properties. It’s easy to focus on the value of owning property, but maintaining it during four distinct weather changes in Canada has become a concern for many. Climate change is real and client questions are now about easy highway access, landscape conditions, eco-friendly upgrades & about whether the structure can withstand a harsh climate. I let qualified inspection professionals take care of details, but I go beyond the transactional work for clients and give them useful information to reduce their stress and prepare for winter. Some tips to help prevent damage, loss & interruptions to thriving businesses:

• Monitor, document & maintain the right building temperature
• Install 24-hour surveillance cameras to monitor snow/cold conditions
• Maintain proper water temps to prevent pipe freezing
• Service boilers, furnaces, heaters & flues
• Mark sprinkler control valves & valve pits
• Pre-plan for rapid freeze & thawing of the roof
• Make a plan with contractors & suppliers
• Clear snow from driveways, sidewalks, entries, exits & roof drains