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After Monday’s provincial government announcement, it feels like a semi-lockdown. But shhhhh….don’t say the word lockdown.

Capacity limits and restrictions continue to plague us like a virus. My clients are feeling it big time. I’m not one to dwell on bad news, but we definitely need to get on board with strategies that make sense–for all industries, big and small businesses and for human behaviour. We need to hear from the boots on the ground, those behind-the-scenes and the voices that make a difference in CRE.

And what about the human impact? Social and physical distancing continues to drive a wedge between business professionals. I hear about it a lot. Safe in-person interaction has always been how people and businesses succeeded for years. But considering rising cases, the typical sales handshake is now a distant memory.

And on the business side, what does this latest wave of a relentless pandemic mean for the CRE industry this time?

Find out in NEW episodes of my podcast THE INDUSTRIAL INSIDER. My guests tell it like it is. The facts. The stats. No BS.

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