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It’s insanely busy most days! But the adrenaline rush of seeing satisfied clients is awesome. Someone recently asked me how I manage my time and balance work and life. Balance? What’s that? The way I look at it, as a husband, father and professional, my life is full. So, managing my time well is what keeps me sane. Whatever the priority is at any given time, that’s where my attention shifts, before returning to the task at hand. But I admit, adding a few laughs, sports and social time to each day improves my brain space and makes me more efficient. Commercial and industrial real estate sales is 24/7 work. Clients need things yesterday. I need to deliver today. And everyone is striving to work on tomorrow.

Here’s what works best for me:

  • Stay organized
  • Set priorities & timelines
  • Make 2 phone calls each morning
  • Keep proper notes
  • Don’t waste time
  • Create goals
  • Keep things simple
  • Don’t overthink
  • Set boundaries for tech usage