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Working from home was great. For the first month. But returning to my office in May was the key to maintaining some normalcy. Some of my clients and their employees embrace working remotely. But now they need to figure out how to minimize their current space. In fact, 39% of Canadians living in large cities say they’ll work from home permanently (if given a choice). That’s going to change things in the CRE industry. Other findings from the survey:

· More people will drive to work, citing a safer environment than public transit.
· The carpooling option has declined.
· Walkers & cyclists will continue on their path.
· People 35+ are inclined to go back to work in an office.
· People under 35 will return to their workplaces.

It’s a unique time in history and these decisions will impact local, national and world economic frameworks, and in this industry, urban planning for residential, commercial and industrial design. Bring it on. I’m ready.