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I like seeing people succeed, especially those I’ve trained. I give them a fist bump or say some kind words. Let’s face it. We take pride in our successes–the letters after our names, high sales numbers or achievements like “top performer.” But for “quiet riots”– those who silently achieve greatness and receive no kudos for doing so–it can affect a business, according to a recent Globe & Mail article. An employment lawyer says: “Whenever there’s conflict [in the workplace], that conflict is based on people wanting to be seen [and heard]….Frequent praise can increase an employee’s productivity and creativity. Acquiring a good reputation activates the same reward centres in the brain as receiving money, suggesting public praise can be as motivating as financial rewards.” Verdict is out on that one. Hugs from my kids replace public praise. If no one has told you yet, you’re doing an awesome job. Just don’t mess up. If you do, don’t repeat it.

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