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🟠The pandemic has given a voice to an empowered workforce that wants to get more out of returning to the workplace.

🟠As commercial and industrial facilities evolve with the times, leaders are creating spaces for their employees to recharge and re-energize.

🟠Because COVID-19 brought in new rules, and there’s no going back, workplaces must adapt to the new normal to stay competitive.

🟠In a recent Thrive Global study of 5K workers, biggest worries about going back to work and feeling safe were:

90% = feel way more concerned about personal health & well-being

85% = wish employers took more action to address outbreak-related challenges

75% = say they only know the basics about preventative measures

70% = say they won’t be able to focus as much if they’re working from home

🟠News reports have told us that “worker productivity” has been high for some companies. But in many cases, it came at an expense. No structured work hours and work was bleeding into home life.

🟠In my new season of THE INDUSTRIAL INSIDER, I’ll talk to experts about what’s being done to make workers happier in commercial and industrial spaces. Stay tuned for the upcoming season!