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With all the social distancing measures in our society today, it’s no surprise that connection is tougher to achieve–with clients, business and success. In the CRE industry, buyers and sellers are also feeling that disconnect. It’s a standoff between the two.

Who will bend, how can they compromise and what is the end goal? What are the short and long-term implications? Is there really a winner in the end. These are only some of the questions swirling around each transaction. While the bottom line appears more out of reach, the fact of the matter is that each client deserves to explore every opportunity, question every move and contractual clause and be involved in all complexities of the negotiating process. But when a CRE advisor steps in, there’s a level of expertise, knowledge, compassion and skill that is immeasurable and so valuable that clients are able to pause, take a deep breath and realize their visions of success again.