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“CRE agents are intimidating.” Why? I asked. “You don’t look as friendly as residential agents. You always wear suits and the things you say go over my head,” he replied. I was stunned, considering underneath that tough, conservative exterior we’re professionals humbled in the presence of clients. While we’re business-focused, and like lawyers, take emotions out of any transaction, it’s typically the role of any real estate advisor—residential or commercial—to be understanding, yet aligned with the needs of the client. Staying zoned in on stats, facts & figures paves the way for quicker results. So this got me thinking about how to eliminate that “intimidating” perception. Clients need to look beyond the empty promises & the suits & note the right qualities in a good CRE agent:

· Returns calls, texts & emails
· Finds good off-market deals
· Provides information on current listings
· Offers good market data on the asset type you’re considering
· Conducts business in a professional & efficient way
· Offers referrals to key people (ie. Property managers, lenders, lawyers, inspectors, surveyors, investors, etc.)
· Checks in regularly to gauge or navigate if needed

And wearing a suit is simply professional!