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It’s an age old strategy in the business of sales. The work has always been about the client. But as the commercial real estate industry evolved into greater client needs, bigger deals, larger spaces, more demands, increasing players and a higher volume of transactions, it left CRE agents with little time to consistently tend to the evolving needs of the clients. Now during this pandemic, it seems CRE sales techniques have come full circle, shedding light first and foremost on the client. Without the chronic stress, the conflicts, the deal making and breaking and the pavement pounding, it’s prime time to go back to basics and move forward with outreach. While we all keep daily tabs on disruptions in the CRE industry (supply chains, logistics centres, warehousing and office leasing), it’s a good time to re-connect with clients, even if it’s long after their last transaction closed. We’re used to the first quarter of the year as the weakest for CRE metrics. And while we face a massive slowdown during this lockdown, we really do have the time and power to enable clients to minimize, strategize and maximize their potential. By putting client needs first, making their plans top-of-mind and placing their next move on the front burner, the client-first approach isn’t a strategy. It’s reality that’s here to stay.