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As a CRE advisor, I should at least be doing 7/11 hours but instead, I happily do 24/7, 365 days a year. And in that time, I also contribute towards a healthy, happy family & social life because that’s what grounds me & keeps everything in check & balanced. CRE details, demands & deals dictate so much of our ability to focus on one or the other. And thanks to technology, the 24/7 “shop” is always accessible. How many of us ditch the cell phone for more than a few minutes & risk a potential missed opportunity? Clients want immediate responses & reassuring communications–vital to creating strong relationships. I get it. But my cell phone can also be an intruder, a sinister criminal who creeps in just when I’ve sat down to dinner with my wife or finally drifted off into sweet slumber (rare!). Torn between living in the moment or answering the call, my brain switches to a series of recalculating questions: Is it important? Do I lose if I don’t take it? Can I regain the moment after I do take it? Most often, the sinister cell phone doesn’t win. I set boundaries, priorities & have a mutual client/advisor understanding that we all have full lives, making us well-rounded, competent dealmakers who get the job done, cell phone and all.