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Did you skip the long weekend getaway and the airport mayhem? According to experts, staycationer activity may spill over into this business week. Those who skipped vacations may have more cash in their pockets for eating out.

Yep. Business lunches are back and taking off according to Restaurants Canada. In fact, 89% of Canadians (Angus Reid Forum) look forward to eating out with business associates, friends and family. 64% say that dining out will be an important part of their lifestyle post-pandemic. And there’s nothing like sealing the sales deal over lunch, right?

As pandemic restrictions ease and people start returning to offices, restaurants south of the border are seeing lunchtime crowds pick up. And it’s already picking up here too, but with many changes. Attire is less buttoned up. Patrons have accepted the pandemic-era partitions. More people are ordering a bottle of wine over just a glass. And more Canadians are purchasing and ordering meals and groceries from local restaurants!

Thanks to the “support local” movement which helped sustain many restaurants during the pandemic, brick and mortar storefronts and restaurants will still benefit from the push. Eating out for a good cause. It’s a win-win for all. Who wants to buy me lunch?