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It’s Sunday night, and a look ahead to the work week means only one thing. Success awaits. So many of us have looked back on the last two years with mixed emotions. Whether good or bad, looking back is warranted for those of us who continued to work, achieve, close and cope with the brutal effects of the pandemic.

When was your last professional achievement? While we’ve all had multiple successes, personally and professionally, this one stands out for me. Receiving the CoStar PowerBroker Award, recognized as the premiere industry award, in 2019 was definitely a highlight in my career. It was based on closed and leased, verified and analyzed, cumulative deals. I was honoured and humbled. As 2022 approaches, we all have a chance to achieve so much more. A new outlook, a new vision and new transactions will help us get to where we were and acquire more mounting successes from here. Have a great week everyone!