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A work ethic founded on the virtues of hard work, commitment and accountability can only equate to success. Jon’s fearless ability to tackle complex scenarios by simplifying the process and the outcome is what he does best! 


  • Artful Negotiations Based on Innovation and Expertise
  • New & Updated Market Knowledge
  • Beat the Competition
  • Experience Superior Client Service
  • Receive Timely & Responsive Communication
  • Has an Extensive Network of Industry Contacts

Jon’s Services


Tenant/Landlord Representation


Real Estate Management

Project Management

Lease Audits


The COVID-19 crisis has forced many organizations to temporarily abandon their physical office space in exchange for working and delivering client services remotely. But some commercial and industrial operations have depended on their physical spaces to provide critical services and to generate revenue.

Navigating lease renewals and/or terminations during a pandemic is a big concern. While many have pivoted their business models, and now offer programs and services virtually or with limited face-to-face interaction, many businesses continue to pay the bills. But are now looking for ways to alleviate the stress. Exploring and negotiating options on any lease isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy. Specific provisions that bind the tenant and/or landlord, insurance policy clauses or even an abatement in rent clause can make a big difference. Work with a commercial and industrial realtor for the right advice and the best results.

Service Offerings

  • Source & secure commercial & industrial product that will yield desired returns (for buyers)
  • Obtain best price in highly-competitive market (for sellers)
  • Leverage extensive network of contacts to connect investors with ideal  opportunities & sellers with qualified buyers
Tenant/Landlord Representation
  • Tenant rep: provide guidance & direction through selection property process; in-depth analysis of market conditions & trends; ensure a seamless relocation or renewal process to ensure a seamless relocation
  • Landlord rep: pinpoint competitive advantages & opportunities for improvement; ensure ideal positioning for asset; market your asset with greatest appeal; customize a go-to-market strategy for  specific business needs 
Real Estate Management
  • Property Management: source professionals to handle, on behalf of the owner, all aspects of maintaining an income-producing real estate property & ensuring it maximizes its financial potential & runs efficiently & profitably 
  • Asset Advisory:  advise on a systematic process of developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading & disposing of assets cost-effectively (including costs, risks & performance attributes)
  • Project Coordination:  maintain the planning, scheduling & cost control of your real estate project
Lease Audits
  • Provide a detailed analysis of all the financial terms of your lease documents to ensure a seamless closing & smooth transition
  • Provide reliable & timely information to ensure full understanding of the property value
  • Provide commercial property appraisal services
  • Provide single asset & portfolio valuations
Property Marketing
  • Provide effective marketing tools to target properties
  • Generate interest & feedback from prospects


Jon’s Leadership

  • A visionary with strategic & viable solutions
  • A multi-transactional instigator & closer
  • A leading innovator with a competitive edge
  • A professional with a reputation built on integrity
  • A fearless negotiator for tackling complex scenarios

Benefits to YOU

  • An extensive network of notable industry professionals
  • Market knowledge for gaining optimal positioning
  • Genuine advice to meet YOUR needs first
  • Exclusive offers on wealth-building solutions
  • Superior client service: accessible; timely & responsive

Stay a step ahead of the competition. Learn more about how Jon can help you get Real solutions. Genuine results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost for me to hire a broker?

It’s typically NO CHARGE to you. When leasing, the landlord pays the commission so it doesn’t cost the tenant anything. When buying a commercial property, the seller pays the commission to the brokers.

Can I look for a property on my own?

A qualified CRE broker can find exactly what you need? Negotiating a lease is complex, tricky and needs the knowledge and insight of an industry professional.

When should I look for a space to lease or buy?

Time this transaction based on the need to relocate from your current location. I recommend 6 months prior to lease expiry. You want to have the most options and the most amount of time to make a decision.

What are the initial steps?

I begin with an initial consultation to understand your needs and goals. Sign a representation agreement with me to show our commitment to each other. I’ll send you a few listings after we have an initial conversation. Communication will make out relationship great.

Should I plan beyond the term of my lease?

When negotiating leases, be sure you provide for expansion of your business, downsizing your business, options to renew and termination options.

How do I decide if I should sign a short term or longer term lease?
Shorter term leases typically lead to higher rental rates. Longer term leases lead to better rental rates, and more free rent/tenant inducements but if the economy contracts, you are still responsible for your lease commitment.
What types of businesses do you work with?

I work with small, medium and large businesses in a variety of industries. 


Do you get involved in the legal paperwork?

I create and review all offers for my clients, provide them with suggestions and discuss all aspects of every agreement with them.


How do you find properties for clients?
I have an extensive list of clients, tenants, landlords and investors that I regularly work with, use my network and scope out spaces throughout the city. 

Tips for ensuring a smooth deal:

1. Enlist the services of a team of professionals (architect, electrical/mechanical engineers) to represent you and to point out the deficiencies in a building. The landlord should ensure that HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), roof, lighting, data, power, and plumbing are maintained/repaired/replaced properly.

2. Provide the insurance clause from the lease to your insurance broker before signing a lease, ensuring the cost and attainability.

3. Enlist the services of a qualified real estate lawyer to review the lease to ensure your best interests are represented. A lease is a detailed document created by a landlord’s lawyer.

4. Be sure you understand what operating expenses are included and excluded, signage costs, chargebacks and more.


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