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Before the pandemic, I didn’t think about my sales skills. Be kind. Be informative. Be a go-getter. Be a good closer. Nothing more to it. A transaction was not about wasting anyone’s time. Short, direct and sweet, it’s about making the client happy. Give them what they want. Close the deal. And do it all with ease, professionalism and a bit of edge.

COVID-19 is the most significant event we’ve seen in the sales landscape. And experts are now saying, closing a sale requires much more. New paths to purchase. And new priorities for management teams. According to Forbes magazine, here are “a few crucial points (and needs) in the transition from life BC (before Covid-19) to AD (after the disease):”

🔸️Digital tools: video conferencing services; online product demos & sales; customer revenue optimization tools; & CRM services

🔸️Stronger relationships: trust & empathy are key in times of crisis

🔸️Focus of sales messages: how to help clients thrive & what to do to help them avoid future problems. Showing customers how to prevent revenue loss, not just how to help them make money is key.