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According to government and health officials, businesses will soon open up in a systematic and cautious manner. And the reality of a new world will unfold. We’ve lived through a notable time in history. Shutdowns, closures, losses, mental and physical illness and human costs. It warrants all the anger, confusion and sadness.
But how to open up businesses is a question weighing on many minds. For so long we’ve all been trying to prop each other up, continue some sort of business activities and anticipate what life will be like when business is back and running.

Will companies upsize, downsize or shut down? What will CRE owners do with their properties? Whether reducing the size of the business, or increasing the space to implement social distancing measures, companies are faced with a new reality. How will people re-enter industrial or commercial work spaces and:

• Maintain social distancing (move, sell or redesign?)
• Implement janitorial services (how often?)
• Manage mail services
• Screen employees & visitors

I’ve seen the results of this pandemic on my clients. It’s been painful. And while they have my full support, I’m there to help them get up, move forward, reinvent their businesses and/or adapt their operations to be resilient in uncertain times.