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As I age, my coping strategies for dealing with rejection change. What helps me gain clarity and not take it so hard? Three very decisive kids under five (“no” means no with them!) and having a good perspective. But let’s face it, when you’re deeply involved in rejection, it feels nasty, ego-bruising and complex. According to a recent New York Times article, it seems our teenagehood may provide important clues on coping with rejection, as adults, in a pragmatic and simple way. High school students in the article said this:
▪️There’s more to you than just this rejection.
▪️Rejection makes a success more valuable.
▪️Remain calm & move on.
▪️Escape into a hobby, task, activity you like.
▪️Rejection is an opportunity for self-reflection & redirection.

Rejection in sales is a given. My best advice: Rework the contract, the strategy, the relationship and the vision. And then move on.

Read the New York Times article here.