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Many companies are strategizing, others are waiting for the all clear to resume operations. But experts caution, it could take a minimum of 3 months to get back to the point companies were at pre-virus. Sales & brands could suffer without a plan. Here are some tips to help companies make a plan for the business, the property it sits on, the finances & its sustainable future:

* Reassess the business with specialized advisors (financial, commercial/industrial real estate, legal, resource management, etc.)
* Revisit the value of the business property & how to restructure, redesign, re-evaluate the business model & re-jig unwanted space with the help of a CRE advisor
* Research what competitors are doing for ideas
* Engage in conversations daily, look at trend reports, gauge the market activity & how to make the business more progressive & pandemic-resistant

There’s a plan for every business to still bounce back. Let’s help businesses move in the right direction.