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Loading docks and proper dock doors are important elements of a successful warehouse and an integral part of any operation. These features can sometimes make or break a deal.

GRADE LEVEL doors are level to the ground or floor, allowing easy access for forklifts, trucks and foot traffic. Trucks can drive heavy equipment or large product directly into the warehouse (without dependency on containerized traffic). Standard height is typically 8’ to 10’. Dock door width can range from 7’6” to 10′.

DOCK LEVEL doors are usually raised in the air, and levelled with trucks carrying goods. Trucks can back up into the dock door without changing position or lowering ramps. Standard dock height is 48 inches (120cm) but can go up to 55 inches (140cm).
Dock level doors are ideal for companies using 53 foot trucks.
[Photo: Pro-door & Dock Systems]

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