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Smile. Listen. Interact. Understand. Communicate. Sales is simple this way, right? Not always. With so many businesses still working to reclaim their pre-pandemic success, the style of communicating with them has changed somewhat. Verbal and non-verbal cues go farther to alleviate their stress and prepare them for future success.

According to a recent Forbes magazine article, gone are the days of being a pushy, salesy real estate agent. Dammit. Technology is at everyone’s fingertips. A phone is in every pocket. For clients, information overload is high. Options can get diluted. Expectations need to be met. Simple details are a must. Time is of the essence. And deals need to be closed. Pronto. So businesses can get on with things. Some Forbes pointers on communicating with clients in a post-pandemic business world:

🔸️Focus & be direct on details (upfront & quickly)

🔸️Be proactive (before, during & after the transaction)

🔸️Reach out (with new or interesting information)

🔸️Provide updates (Don’t wait to be asked)

🔸️Address client expectations early (process, closing details, etc.)

🔸️Establish communications types (text, email, phone call, best time)

For me, it’s always been about this: fulfill client needs to the max and cut to the chase. It’s simple. It’s next level.