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With pandemic restrictions and mask mandates loosening up, I’m so geared up for in-person client service.

In the commercial and industrial real estate industry, it’s never been “normal” to service client needs through strictly online, digital channels.

While the industry has the digital tools to navigate financial and logistical details of CRE deals, clients continue to expect interaction, support, knowledge and exclusive information to be delivered in-person.

In a recent Forbes magazine article on how customer service has changed through the pandemic, I found some interesting points:
🔳Clients have higher expectations. Yep, rightly so!
🔳Clients are more focused on value, prioritizing & realizing purpose.
🔳Clients require more immediate & consistent support.
🔳Clients are tapping into knowledge & technology more.

It’s time to rev up the 2022 machines and the mindset and shut down mediocre client service. Clients need us to help them build their businesses, build wealth and build sustainability. Every client deserves to “partner” up with agents who take pride in the journey, not just the end result.