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A client came to me after an unpleasant dealing with a CRE agent, from an office where he suspected there was self-serving action & office politics at play. He’s been impressed with how we use collaboration, communication, creativity & management support to nicely package & close his deal. And no office politics. Office politics is disruptive. When clients feel it, see it & then experience it, it’s shameful & counterproductive. Unfortunately many have experienced it, but survived those toxic environments using these skills. Remember?

• Observe & map the political power (influencers?)
• Understand the social network
• Build connections at all levels
• Develop people skills
• Leverage your network in a professional, kind & fair way
• Have the courage to stay close to negative people without being naive
• Be the “glass half full” & neutralize negative politics

In commercial and industrial real estate, promoting yourself, your client & your mission isn’t about compromising your values or those of your organization. It’s about furthering interests fairly & appropriately and always doing what’s in the best interest of the client.