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Soon it’ll be back-to-school & back to work. Work? Well, not really. Okay, maybe. Uh. Not for everyone. Geez. Wait. Uncertainty…for some. A new normal work life for others. It’s a crazy world right now. For businesses who’ve had to rethink goals, re-jig services & reinvent their wheels to work in the wake of a pandemic, it’s admirable. And for those who had to call it a day, it’s still admirable. Why? For so many months, gurus, thought leaders, pandemic pessimists, experts, analysts & more have dished out advice, inspirational words & even step-by-step strategies to help businesses build back. But the harsh reality of an unforgiving pandemic, & the fallout of a crashing economy, has squeezed the life out of the best of the best. I’ve been privy to companies that made the tough decision to close up shop. It’s heartbreaking. But here’s my borderline inspirational guru thinking…I commend the ones who got out. They have an opportunity to create something new, maybe something more successful that’s adapted to new consumer needs & wants. Maybe that something new is going to occupy a bigger space in a creative way & be better equipped to handle the worst & celebrate the best. The economy needs to be stimulated. New business. New competition. New players.