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You’ve been working on a promising deal for a while. Twists. Turns. Changes. You have a good grip on it. The client is happy. And then something is going south. Don’t give up. Attempt to get things back on track. And: 🔸️Identify the reason (change in decision-maker,...


If you don’t have it, grow it. Slow days, rejection and fear of failure need mental toughness. And developing a thick skin is a prerequisite for sales. Can’t take things personally. Keep track of rejections. Share your experiences and be realistic. If you have an...


In-person meetings are back on and most masks are off. Open handshakes are replaced with a nod, a smile or fist bump. And the reason to have an in-person meeting has become increasingly important, considering many are still working remotely. Forbes magazine says to...

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Commercial property is an extremely valuable and important asset. Securing the property is complex and requires attention to detail, an understanding of the client's needs and a win-win closing. Congrats to all the clients who've shown faith, trust and vision throughout the entire process.

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commercial  |  industrial  |  office  |  sales & leasing  |  investments