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It’s National Nursing Week in Canada. This year’s theme is “we answer the call.” Nurses have answered the call to combat this invisible enemy since January 2020. Over a year later, the battle has worsened, changed course and tested the faintest of hearts and the strongest of wills. And for nurses on the frontline, a first-hand look at the reality of this relentless pandemic are unimaginable images that are imprinted on their minds, and in many cases their hearts, forever. After all, the compassion of nurses is the foundation of their mission to care and support during an illness. I read somewhere that storybook heroes wear capes. True heroes wear scrubs. I know this. My wife is a nurse. As nurses and other medical workers continue to work on the frontline of the pandemic, providing support to millions of patients worldwide, here in Canada, we honour and celebrate ALL nurses and their commitment to the job.