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I’m in love. Love my wife. Love my baby daughters. Love my friends & family. Love my job. So especially today, how could there not be lots of gushy moments to go around, right? Forbes magazine published an article on Feb.7, 2020 offering advice on 9 things to do if you don’t love your job. I think it comes down to this: know what you want; go after it; get it; and work hard to create success. It’s simple, but sometimes tricky & often comes down to connections.

Like many of us, creating business relationships inside & outside our professional lives requires making an investment. As a CRE advisor, hustling to nurture the next lead, courting the client who’s indecisive & attracting that same client, to everything about the property to make them fall in love with it, is my job. It’s not a grind, but pure commitment to making people’s lives better. It’s really about the pursuit of happiness! Many say we spend most of our time at work. That means you gotta fall in love with it. That said, I know that work/life balance is important & that I shouldn’t get so busy making a living that I forget to make a good life.

Albert Einstein said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Wishing you a happy day of loving everything you’re passionate about!