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In-person meetings are back on and most masks are off. Open handshakes are replaced with a nod, a smile or fist bump. And the reason to have an in-person meeting has become increasingly important, considering many are still working remotely. Forbes magazine says to boost attendance at in-person meetings, do this:

🔸️Give workers a reason to come in (reconnect with co-workers, new office space, collaborate on a complex project, etc.)

🔸️Help people feel safe & around people at the office

🔸️Give a remote option for attendees who can’t attend in-person & engage all

🔸️Be flexible with the time & location

🔸️Reinforce being part of a good culture, engage & build connections

Nothing like seeing a client face-to-face. That kind of interaction has a positive long-term impact. And experiencing the wins in-person with your colleagues? That’s priceless.