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I’m practical, logical & driven. And I’m really good with stats & numbers. It works well for the field I’m in–CRE. So contrary to what I read online these days about building my business, the art of storytelling is not my forte. I used to think it’s a tool only used by journalists. But someone told me that we’re all storytellers. I had no clue what she was talking about. It’s an important part of my success, she said. I was lost. Until recently, when I helped a client achieve one of his greatest successes to date. As the head of a family-owned meat processing company, he was frustrated with his growing business. Nice problem to have, right? Except the business was growing faster than he or his business space could handle. After years of hard work & hardships, his hard-to-imagine growth was upon him. Squeezed into a limited space, he reached out to a CRE agent who delivered nothing, which worsened his situation. We found a facility that worked for him. And his business continues to boom. But it was his reaction that told the whole story. He was moved, grateful & he got his heart & soul back. Seeing a client overwhelmed with positive emotions, after allowing me to be a small part of his business success, made this story worth telling.