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I read a report recently on emerging trends in real estate in Canada. One thing is clear. It’s undoubtedly a customer-driven marketplace, especially in these pandemic times. Adapting to preferences, behaviours and expectations has always been a priority. In sales, we each have a unique ability to navigate this and offer the best service to our clients. There really isn’t one cookie-cutter way to get through these changing times. Downturns in revenues. New technology. Strict social distancing measures. A fluctuating economy. But then again the commercial and industrial real estate industry has always been exposed to some type of change. While more inventory is in development, rental rates are increasing and businesses are hanging on tight, there isn’t much movement. But the speed with which clients are responding to their individual situations is getting faster. As an advisor, offering more time, more attention and more strategy to get clients to a win-win result is more work, but most rewarding. While disruptions put survival at stake for many businesses, clients are always at the heart and soul of any transaction. It’s no longer about the space. It’s about the client-centric service & doing more.