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Create. Partner. Negotiate. Close. Easy, right? Not always. When the big deal finally lands in a sweet spot, there’s risk, there’s stress and there’s a chance it can go either way. I read an article in Forbes magazine recently, outlining familiar and effective strategies to take a big deal to a big win:

▪️Listen & learn. (vet the opportunity)

▪️Say “no” and walk away if you have to. (save time if it’s not a good fit)

▪️Lay out & understand the existing finances. (all cards on the table)

▪️Get evidence to back up the benefits of the deal. (be prepared)

▪️Negotiate. (ask for concessions or price differences)

Negotiating is a big part of business. I’ve seen deals fall through because both parties didn’t ask for what they wanted. Want a lower price? Ask for it. A shorter contract? Ask for it. If the deal is not aligned with my client needs, and fails to solidify the opportunity, I’m out. We’re out. It’s no big deal at that point.