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Portfolio Evaluation for Investors

A new year with a new vision! And lots of commercial and industrial space on the table, especially during this pandemic. This is an opportunity to review your current investment portfolio, assess what is and isn’t working and create better value and sustainability. Be proactive, plan and prepare for a new decade of success!

Connect directly with Jonathan Gorenstein, Executive Vice President at Lennard Commercial Realty, for a 15-minute phone, Zoom or in-person consultation to:

  • Define your investment goals & how to achieve them
  • Explore a change in your investment strategy
  • Adapt to new situations or changes during this pandemic
  • Learn how to increase your current investment value
  • Build greater value using market-savvy strategies

Let’s connect on Real solutions. Genuine Results.

Jonathan Gorenstein
Executive Vice President
Lennard Commercial Realty
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commercial  |  industrial  |  office  |  sales & leasing  |  investments