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🍬HOW SWEET IT IS! Part of my job is to stay updated on the state of the economy. Affects pretty much everything I do.

📈📋Just read a report, with some good news, sent to me from Chris Robinson, MBA @td_economics. According to the report, November’s GDP data stated the economy was expanding “at a healthy clip prior to restrictions. The GDP rose by 0.6% (month-on-month) in November, finally recovering to the pre-pandemic level.”

🏭This increase in activity is in the goods-producing sector and recovering service industries. The other good news is that “there were signs that supply chain bottlenecks were easing prior to the most recent wave of the virus and the manufacturing sector was beginning to hum again.”

😊 🏣 Happy to see so many companies and clients continue to rise above adversity while maintaining their properties, businesses and investments. We’re pushing through what seemed like a no-win situation. That’s sweet news!

[2 Photo credits: BlogTO]