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So many of us have had to switch gears with our clients—be a listener, be a strategist and be a planner. After all, when you’re in the thick of any situation, everything and every concern is magnified tenfold, right? And rather than sitting in an isolated space, it’s a good time to reach out and gain the knowledge to help pull you out, restructure your business needs and move forward.

On March 15, 2020 we all went into lockdown. We had no idea what was coming and how life would unfold. Now six weeks into isolation and quarantine, we’re experiencing milder temps, more frustration to stay inside and more questions on when businesses will reopen. Last week, government and health officials started making plans to gradually reopen the economy. In some industries, the dust from this pandemic is just beginning to settle. In others it has already settled and many are coping with the aftermath of COVID-19’s path of destruction.

In the words of Thomas Edison, “Good fortune is what happens when, opportunity meets with planning.” It’s time to turn on the lightbulbs. Exchange ideas. Have conversations. And work out a plan that will propel you into success….again. Always here to help.