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I attended the annual Lennard Golf Day last week at Bushwood Golf Club in Markham. Pics from the event? Not a selfie guy. But here’s me during a round with Tiger, retrieving his shot (in my dreams). Great conversations, camaraderie and competition with my Lennard colleagues. It’s all par for the course. As sales agents, golf is work and play at best! The more I connect and practice the better I get. It’s the same in sales. A top salesman makes it look easy, but it comes from years of practice and mistakes. There’s no shortcut to the hard work needed to be successful at anything in life! Golf is about clubs, 18 holes and a ball. Hit it a few times until it goes in. Likewise (the game of) sales. Buyers, sellers, products and services. Sell to as many buyers as possible. Golf and sales are a mental game. If you walk onto the golf course with the wrong attitude, it will show in your performance. Move past a bad stroke quickly. Keep a clear head. Don’t overthink. Have a great Canada Day weekend, everyone!