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Life today is a blend of work, play and school life. All at home, no doubt, and in the wake of a pandemic. My daughters are not school age yet, but I’ve heard how my colleagues are managing their kids’ virtual learning and working from home. For some, daily life without actual boundaries between work, school and life has tried and tested the human spirit. We may all be “in this together” but in very different ways. Notice how everything in life somehow gets done… at your own pace? Well we’ve followed the protocols, the rules and the guidelines. The rest has been up to us. And we’ve all done an amazing job. Juggling all aspects of life hasn’t really been about achieving good work/life balance, but about survival, pivoting, embracing change and creating new ways to live a quality life. So at the end of each day, what are you grateful for this Thanksgiving and everyday? For me, no matter how maxed out I am from daily life, the opportunity to mix business with the pleasure of family is priceless. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you and yours.