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Getting promoted to SVP at Lennard isn’t just about me. It’s about working with a cohesive team of experts, appreciating the unwavering support from all levels of the company, blending into an encouraging and professional environment and about embracing all the responsibilities that come with it. It’s a humbling thing. I see it as an opportunity to step up my game and assure my peers and leaders of continued commitment and devotion to meeting the organization’s performance expectations and target goals. But it’s also an opportunity to mentor those on the same journey towards greater success. After over a decade in the CRE business, I try to share my experience, skills and strategy with my peers and new advisors. I know firsthand about the challenges of the business, the sacrifices needed to succeed and the awesome feelings that come with the big wins. Recently asked about my CRE trade secrets, I replied: authenticity, integrity, drive and the ability to always do what’s right. When it feels good for the client and for me, it’s always going to be the right decision. Thank you, Lennard Commercial Realty!