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The messaging is clear. Practice social distancing. Wash your hands. Stay home. Keep surfaces clean. Don’t socialize. So while we rework, reschedule & review how to best move forward in our personal & professional lives, we still need to stay connected with each other & grow every personal & professional relationship.

As a CRE agent, & prior to COVID-19, I dealt with the stresses of putting deals together, managing the decisions of all parties & coping with the “what’s next?” stage. Today’s stress is different. The “what’s next?” stage is the biggest concern. Many companies are shifting into crisis mode. Layoffs & reduced hours are a harsh way to practice distancing. But it keeps people safe & companies afloat. Various forms of distancing has made us worried, fearful & angry. And while we’re forced to stop, listen, watch & plan, it’s also a good time to cultivate the relationships we take for granted. Although the deal closed, the money was made & busy-ness set in, ongoing client management is vital today. Can’t meet in person, but we can connect via Skype, Google Hangouts & other video platforms. I can still help clients cope with change & plan for a new future. So I’m all for digital connection to talk, listen & offer strategies to survive & thrive again.