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I didn’t anticipate talking about this with my clients when only four months ago (pre-COVID) it was business as usual. Clients are genuinely concerned about purchasing, leasing and maintaining bacteria-free spaces. In one case, there was hesitancy to occupy the space knowing that the previous owner did lots of international travel. And then for post-move in clients, there are concerns about disinfection in their workplaces and how it would impact employee attendance, workspace design and productivity. It comes down to information. Lots of documentation, on local and national bylaws and guidelines on how to keep public, private and commercial spaces COVID-free, is out there. The challenge for businesses is to get the right services and disinfectants in place, to help boost company, employee and consumer confidence in a safe environment. In their public document accessible to all Canadians, experts at BC Centre for Disease Control recommend using disinfectants that have a Drug Identification Number (DIN), an 8-digit number given by Health Canada, confirming its approval and must have noted effective agents to fight against coronavirus. Grab a coffee and read the doc. I’m not an expert on disinfection, but I know that giving my clients good sources of information is a crucial step, before they move into a commercial or industrial space.