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Competitive. Complex. Crazy busy. That’s CRE on a good and fast day. But when you’re in between deals or awaiting final signatures on your last deal of the year, that “slow” period could make or break getting 2020 off to a good start.

It’s a given that tracking fluctuating interest rates, changing government regulations and consumer preferences and economic volatility is an all year round task. And assessing short- and long-term client needs is always ongoing. But how do you prepare, plan and respond to clients and changing market conditions in a more progressive way in 2020? By adopting a digital mindset.

According to National Real Estate Investor magazine, the most popular digital tools that save time and money in CRE include ones that provide access to information and increase efficiency. Virtual reality site tours, for example, allow us to reach out to new clients anywhere. I’m in, if it supports and improves my business and I can understand various parties, properties and the market more accurately. A new decade coming, a new way and more digital power to us all!