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Shopping in-store these days is a solitary experience, with no help in sight. Notice a decline in sales reps and an increase in self-service and self-checkouts? It’s frustrating and worrisome to think that the human element in sales transactions is disappearing. I know automation is the way of the future for some industries. But I can’t even imagine CRE without sales reps and the satisfaction that comes from one-on-one interactions. I thrive on it. Clients have a story to tell. Often times it’s juicy and ripe for the right solutions. Other times its complex, needs lots of investigation, but always requires compassion and the best strategy to reduce risks. As a CRE sales rep, it’s my job to engage with clients–attract attention, provide insight, inspiration and a strategy. I listen. I learn. I advise. And I help them make the next move. It’s the journey with each client that’s a rewarding buildup to the end goals.

Here’s a 5-step process that works for me:

  1. Create an amazing client experience.
  2. Engage fully in the client’s story.
  3. Break down the situation into manageable parts
  4. Tackle each part with thought & next steps
  5. Provide assistance from beginning to end.