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What gets you revved up in sales? The coworker with seemingly unlimited pep? The one who closes faster than his talking abilities? Or your own methods and secret rituals?

When I get asked this question, my short answer: “Creating solutions that actually work for clients.” My long answer:

🔸️DIVERSIFY solutions: One-size-fits all doesn’t always work.
🔸️CREATE opportunities: Show clients a different path to success.
🔸️TEST the waters consistently: Don’t know if you don’t try.
🔸️PARTNER: Collaboration opens doors.
🔸️CONSULT: Businesses need information first.
🔸️TAP INTO NEEDS: Focus on what’s missing.

Being mask-less Monday, I’m reminded of the journey we’ve all been on for the last two years. Aside from the restrictions, the mandates, the closures and the stress of hybrid work lives, business kept going for most.

And after they struggled, pivoted, shut down, opened up and downsized, I know businesses will soon reach out for help. Are you revved up?