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A boost in productivity. Fewer employee sick days. Increased morale and creative thinking. That’s what happens when companies bring the outside into commercial and office environments. Malaysia’s 162,000 square foot “Factory in the Forest” is the work environment for almost 800 people at Paramit, a Silicon Valley-based electronics company specializing in medical and satellite equipment.

Did you know that construction, deconstruction, renovation and normal occupancy in residential and commercial buildings account for 1/3 of Canada’s total energy use, 2% of landfill waste and 35% of greenhouse-gas emissions? It’s why North American companies are re-thinking their 2020 green initiatives and employee retention goals for the new decade.

Many of the 500,000 commercial and institutional buildings across Canada are making small changes like bringing greenery into the office, to improve air quality and stabilize humidity levels. CRE properties are also being built along public transport corridors to help reduce the energy needed to get materials and people to and from the property. Others are opting for renos instead of new construction and sourcing materials to reduce the environmental impact of a global supply chain. CRE is going green!

Photo: Lin Ho Photography