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Confident and firm. Weak and sweaty. Professional and conservative. The handshake. With all the talk of COVID-19 going around, it’s a confusing time in the workplace. Handshake or no handshake? In sales, a handshake is the ice breaker, the introduction, the “size-me-up” kinda gesture and always the deal closer. It’s essentially the customary signature on the dotted line. But the coronavirus has put a full stop to the handshake. According to health officials worldwide, any pre-washed hand contact could mean a transfer of this nasty virus. In sales, qualified leads are taking on a whole new meaning. Before I extend a handshake, I try to qualify the potential client: Do they look sick? Do they have a runny nose, appear red with a fever or hacking into their sleeve? Human interaction just got more complex. Transactions will take longer. And fist and elbow bumps are the new norm. While many CRE deals come with a price, good health isn’t one of them. We are more aware than ever before that our health is an investment, not an expense.