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It’s important. It’s engaging. And it’s crucial in business. I can’t tell you the number of times I didn’t have the time, couldn’t make the time or just didn’t want to engage in a conversation with a client. It’s not for lack of interest, but a lack of time. In the thick of commercial real estate sales, the number of players in the deal, the high stakes and the push to get things done yesterday doesn’t leave much room for conversations.

This week that changed. Since this pandemic took over our lives, I’ve listened to landlords, tenants and investors struggling to admit they need help with their situation. Whether it’s to make a new plan, downsize, upsize or envision a different way of doing business, the bottom line is—they want to have a conversation.

So while time is of the essence to plant the seeds for new business to grow after COVID-19, I believe it’s also a time to get familiar with each client. To explore their pain points, source solutions for the days ahead and get them excited to bounce back from any situation—those are the real roots of my job!