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When a commercial/industrial property doesn’t live up to the codes & standards that were originally presented & guaranteed, it’s a lose-lose for all. Whether it’s a purchase, a lease or an investment, a building inspection by a certified professional is the difference between getting value & increasing losses on a property & a business. An inspector provides an overview of the condition of major components: structural frame; roofing; plumbing; heating; air conditioning; ventilation; electrical; safety & fire protection; interior; site topography; storm water drainage; ingress & egress; paving, curbing & parking; landscaping; utilities (water, electricity, natural gas) & more.

And all certified building inspectors must:
· present a BSSO (Building Science Specialist of Ontario) designation
· provide a narrative description of current condition
· identify & provide a detailed list of deficiencies & recommendations for short-term/long-term upgrades, repairs or replacements

When a client can estimate & budget for future maintenance costs & project revenues on the sustainable value of the property, that’s a win-win.