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Building design. Important for aesthetic appeal, value add or good mental well-being?

Before clients lease or purchase a property, I hear how the building makes them feel. In CRE, I see the effects of the pandemic, stemmed by forced isolation, business losses, low cash flow, reduced sales, personal & job losses. The Conference Board of Canada says lost productivity due to depression & anxiety costs the Canadian economy almost $50 billion a year.

Employers have been revitalizing their spaces to attract & maintain their employees, creating a safe & productive work environment.

In Asia & Europe, they’ve incorporated nature, curved designs & glass into their property designs like the Leonardo Glass Cube by 3DELUXE (Germany) or the Wangjing Soho towers in Beijing.

On THE INDUSTRIAL INSIDER next week, I’ll talk to a well-known architect about CRE property designs. Some features we’ll soon see:

🟢Large windows for more sunshine & views
🟢Spacious offices for social distancing
🟢Wider hallways
🟢Thermostat-controlled rooms
🟢Dimmer switches & LED lights
🟢Outdoor seating areas to meet
🟢Ponds, fountains & other water features
🟢Photos & artwork of landscapes