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Lost? Undecided? Want to know your options? Scenario: you want to terminate your lease earlier than planned. You had all the right intentions when you first signed. But life happened. Circumstances changed. Now you have questions:

1. Can I break the contract?
2. Am I liable for the remainder of the lease?

You will be financially and contractually responsible for the duration of the time left. But there are options:

🔸️Speak to the landlord or seek help from a Contract lawyer/CRE broker about your decision.

🔸️Some commercial leases have an early release option. Ask the landlord to include this during the initial contract drafting of a new lease.

🔸️If the landlord permits, find a new tenant to take over your rented space for the duration of the commercial contract.

🔸️If you want to terminate a lease, due to contractual responsibilities not fulfilled by the landlord, or another reason through no fault of yours, speak to a lawyer.

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