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BACK-TO-WORK?: Remember those dreaded back-to-school signs way back when? The ones that signaled summer’s end and shopping for school stuff? Now it’s “back-to-work” for many.

As vaccinations ramp up and the pandemic slows down, every industry is strategizing the return-to-work phase. While physical space (office & industrial properties) is in question, developers are making plans for building conversions (ie. retail mall space to residential or mixed use properties & retail to storage space).

On the human side, I read recently that employees are content with changes to their routine. In fact, a recent national poll says 1 out of 3 Canadians would look for a new job if asked to return to the office full-time. Employers are now preparing for a back-to-work response to all the changes and new expectations of employees. Business essentials will likely push many people back into work spaces which means 3 things:

* Camaraderie will strengthen work relationships.
* Collaboration will improve workloads.
* Mentorship will help grow new workers.

Back-to-work or not, there is freedom in making good choices. From a CRE standpoint, we’ll make it work for the current 800K+ Canadian businesses in action.