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It’s getting pretty serious in the CRE business these days. Meeting clients in-person. Swinging big business deals in boardrooms. Reassessing strategies and re-evaluating processes makes this year unlike the recent pandemic years. There’s momentum. Businesses are moving. Clients want calculated change. And agents like me are back to hustling on the front lines. Everyone’s feeling the shifts and according to NAIOP, the changes to owner, landlord, tenant mindsets include:

▪️Diversifying by product type & geography to mitigate risk
▪️Offering tenants long-term leases but greater flexibility to accommodate their needs & uncertainties
▪️Improved communication between all stakeholders, including municipalities

Sometimes there is no communication. And it’s often the best part of any deal. When a client goes quiet. They take a moment to digest what just happened. They smile. Shake my hand. And the emotions flow. It’s the best.